Florida painter, Everglades, Marco Island, artist Jo-Ann Sanborn


Blooming, Daily Painting by Everglades artist Jo-Ann Sanborn

Blooming, 2017, Jo-Ann Sanborn

My mother assigned the small plot of earth between the front and side doors to me at age 6.  I was allowed to pick out a flat or two of small plants at the garden shop and purchase some seeds each year.  She must have helped with the weeding the first few years, and I've had a garden ever since.  

Painting flowers is a nice change from everglades art.  I've never really concentrated on painting flowers, but always have fresh blooms in the house.  Sometimes they're purchased from the grocery, but sometimes I'll pick a little something from the yard. The deep magenta center and the yellow-white edges of this hibiscus are showy enough to stand alone. 

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