Florida painter, Everglades, Marco Island, artist Jo-Ann Sanborn


Hurricane plans, and Passing Through, daily painting by Everglades artist Jo-Ann Sanborn

Passing Through, 2017, Jo-Ann Sanborn
Acrylic on board, 7" x 5"

Today's painting, Passing Through is of a stand of palms during one of our frequent rainy moments.  

Summer rains have come right on time and have already spread heavy rain across our region.  While the wet season brings life-giving water to the parched Everglades, they are less welcomed by humans, since they can bring flooding, violent storms, and hurricanes. If you live in south Florida like I do, it's time to make sure your hurricane plans for 2017 are in place. 

Brett, the first tropical storm of the season was named yesterday. Even though it may be a while before you need a strategy, since the strongest storms come later in the summer, it's best to have your lists made and your plans ready early.  

I've written about hurricane preparedness for artists before.  If you need a refresher, here's a link to a blog post written some years ago.  You can also find official up-to-date information at the FEMA and FL State sites. Both sites are full of information that will help to keep you and your family safe. Meanwhile, the skies and clouds are magnificent!  

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