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There's no daily painting today, and my order for the small canvases I've come to love has been delayed. I'll wait for them before painting another daily even though I have got some others that aren't nearly as satisfactory.

So here's something different! Today's image is of a beautiful double white bird of paradise brought to me as a gift from by my gardening neighbor. We share a love of the natural world and are just delighted to live here on beautiful Marco Island. I'm making a number of images black and white for my class next week and this will be one of several that are something other than the Everglades. Not everyone shares my passion for that landscape!

The Boca Grande show is this weekend, so please stop in if you're in the areas. It should be a very nice show. I'll have a couple of large paintings as well as a nice selection of dailies. We'll travel home after taking down on Sunday night.

Monday morning starts my yearly workshop, Acrylics and the Florida Landscape. I've been focused on having everything all ready for that. The paperwork is done--there will be lots of handouts because it's really hard to absorb everything in four days. I"m still collecting my materials. I bring tons of materials, and paints because it's important that students try new things. It's a sharing class, and I tell students not to bring anything they aren't willing to share.

If you'd like to see the plan here's the student outline. We cover a lot of ground in the four days, and the students will do six to eight paintings. It's a lot of fun and I look forward to it. It's not too late to sign up at the Marco Island Center for the Arts.

I'm speaking very briefly today as a member of the City's Arts Advisory Committee at a sculpture and park dedication. Jane Hitler, and early Marcoite left funds for a liner park along Smokehouse Bay. The park has recently been re-designed and will be dedicated today at 10. Part of the re dedication will include the unveiling of Kent Ullberg's beautiful sculpture of the almost extinct Ridley Sea Turtle, Journey's End.

The sculpture is a donation from the Marco Island Foundation for the Arts throught the generosity of gallery owner Dean Knox. The Foundation has placed three sculptures around the City of Marco Island including Jo Saylor's Willow Whistle in front of the Marco Library, Kent Ullberg's First Born, at the entrance to Residence Beach, and now Ullberg's Journey's End at Jane Hitler Park. Hope you're familar with all of them!

Following all this there will be some wonderful family visits in April. I'm not going to have much access or time for the computer in the next couple of weeks, so please be patient and I'll post when I can!

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