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Space Shuttle, Artist Rejections, Rain Clouds Daily Painting by Everglades artist JoAnn Sanborn

Rain Clouds
7" x 5"
Today's daily Everglades painting, Rain Clouds, is of the lovely clouds that build in the afternoons. Right around the beginning of June our rainy season will begin and every afternoon the clouds will bring us welcome rain.

Were you able to see the space shuttle launch last night? We've seen it in the past, and were outside looking up, but could see nothing but a strange white light behind some clouds. We've seen the launches in the past and it's always such a dramatic sight. It was disappointing not to see it, when many others in Florida saw it clearly. Phooey!

Last night I followed a tweet, you know, from Twitter, back to a blog about artist rejection. The writer felt that perhaps there was some way to ask judges to justify themselves, or be required to make comments about the works that were rejected. Most of the commenters felt that some accountability was called for by the judge.

Here's how I commented:

I feel somewhat differently than most of the artists who commented. Art is totally subjective. As long as you submit your best, quality work, you take your chances. Your fee is like buying a lottery ticket. Sometimes you win and sometimes you don’t, but you can’t win if you don’t play.

There are many reasons works are rejected, and they may have nothing to do with you. Each artists is only concerned about their piece or their body of work, but a judge needs to look at the totality of the show, one single work can’t be a consideration.

A show is the work of a judge. Sometimes there are hundreds of entries. I don’t want to have to justify each painting choice I make, and don’t want to try and make a judge justify theirs.

You can read the whole issue here. What's your take?


Anonymous said...

This one really grabbed me- no greens or yellows, just the looming cool of thunderheads and rain. Great feeling on this one.

And I share your thoughts on judges and juried shows. If your work pleases you, the artist, and meets your own personal standards, it's right to assume you'll never satisfy every taste and every requirement.

Rob Hazzard said...

Love the clouds. The palms really add in giving them a scale and presence, well done!

JoAnn Sanborn said...

Bonnie This one seems to have struck a chord on many levels, since I received several emails on the issue as well. It's an interesting issue, and there's a lot more to say.

Rob & Bonnie The clouds are starting to build in the afternoons, but so far no rain. I love watching them, so you'll see more as the season progresses! I'm very appreciative of your comments

Anonymous said...

JoAnn - Thanks for leaving your comment on my blog on the topic of rejection! As you can imagine, I've received lots of comments and email about this.

However, my post was really about receiving results from the jury process - I wasn't asking for jurors to justify themselves (and I didn't mention anything about providing comments back to artists). My point was about providing the artist with information such as the number of applicants and artists selected. And, if the jurors rate or score the artwork or artists, providing that score to the artist.

In general, I agree with your comment, but how do you feel about what I'm asking for?

Love "Rain Clouds"!


JoAnn Sanborn said...

Yes, David, I agree with you that information about the number of entries and the number accepted, is easily accessible and should be made public as a matter of course or upon request. Several of the shows that I enter do this. I welcome Judge's statements as well, but they don't always deal with what's not in, more what they've chosen.

I'm not as sure about the rating system, since the information may not be as easily diseminated without offending someone, and dealing with offended parties takes so much time!

Asking for anything more, in my mind would be asking for a critique and/or comparison, and I don't think that's a fair to request of a judge.

Thanks so much for your response. I very much appreciate your taking the time for clarification. Your topic made for some interesting conversation yesterday at the Art Tabletalk luncheon. I hope I represented your position fairly!

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