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Agony of Art, Not a Breeze painting by Everglades artist JoAnn Sanborn

Not a Breeze
24x30, acrylic on canvas

This Everglades painting is my entry for the exhibition "Show of Shows" at the Naples Art Association. This is a member show, no jurying, so you get to see a nice variety of art and exactly when the artists choose to enter. The reception will be Friday, September 25th, from 5:30-7:30, and cost $10 if you're not a member, but you'll get wine, and some nice refreshments.

When I sent in the entry for this show the painting was only a small seed in my brain. No problem, I though. I'll just send in a title and paint the painting in time to be done for the submissions.

Ugh. The painting just wouldn't come. I started several times and struggled over the composition and color choices. The painting accompanied me to the artist luncheon for critique, where I received several excellent suggestions. Unfortunately most of them were forgotten as I struggled on, still unable to bend the painting to my vision.

Occasionally, on rare and joyous occasions, I've gotten into the "zone and had a great painting just flow off the brush with amazing ease. Other times something gets in the way of doing it right! Could it be my worn out brushes? Do I need a new palette? A fresh approach? Some new subject matter? Clearing my mind? Opening my mind? Gaining additional knowledge? Too much knowledge? Ugh, the frustration!

Why is it that sometimes the most difficult things come easy to us, and easiest things so hard? The painting was finally framed at noon on Saturday and delivered by one. I don't like cutting things quite that close!


Gail Zimmer said...

Hi Jo Ann - back home in Marco after a great summer in Michigan - look forward to seeing you - just picked up my panel from the Art League. I said if there was one left when I got home that I would paint one and I got the last one!! It will jump start me into painting again. Hope to paint with the plein air group on Wednesdays and am signing up for your class in January - Happy Thursday and I hope to see you soon - gail zimmer

Jo-Ann Sanborn said...

Hi, Gail! Glad you're back and doing and Art League panel. Can't wait to see them all together! Looking forward to seeing you, and glad you might be part of the Esplanade. It's a great opportunity!

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