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In the Pink
Things seem to be calming down a little as the Artist Colony at the Esplanade begin to settle into a new routine. There are still issues to deal with and things that come up every single day that require attention. Seventeen different artists, many who didn't know each other, with their own ideas, styles and baggage all doing something new and innovative together is quite a challenge.

One for all? We're working on it. Individuals making decisions for the group good rather than self-serving? We're working on it. Hosting a fabulous Open House next month to celebrate our good fortune? We're working on it. Learning about the needs and cares of each other? We're working on it. Having this kind of a life-changing art experience? Priceless!

We're all learning new things. A studio gallery is a combination of a studio, where an artist usually works alone, and a gallery, where the public is invited to see the artwork. Although I had done several demonstrations, it took me a while to get used to work standing quite close to the front window to paint, and anyone walking past might stop to look.

There are interruptions to the work, but happily some end in making new friends or making sales. I'm at a point now where I am fairly confident of at least getting a daily done, and will write the blog regularly, so once again you'll be hearing from me three times a week.

The public who comes to visit tell us how much they like to visit. I like it, too, and feel very fortunate indeed to be part of this exciting experiment.


Sue said...

This sounds like a great adventure! I'm sure you artist colony will be a success. And I love the colors in In The Pink.

Jo-Ann Sanborn said...

Yes, that's just what it is, an adventure. The comraderie is just terrific, but there's so much to learn for us to get the boat rowing in the right direction! Thanks!

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