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Turkey, Ben Franklin, and More

We spotted this fellow showing off to a few of his friends on a visit to Maine. Isn't he magnificent? Just what Ben Franklin must have been thinking about when the country was choosing the national bird. The turkey, however, lost out to the Bald Eagle. Oh, well. Bald is beautiful, too!

The Fall Arts and Craft fair at the Marco Island Center for the Arts on Saturday had just the right amount of visitors and artists. It was a small, intimate show, with enough time to talk with everyone, artists and collectors alike. Three of my paintings went for home visits, and may be adopted.

I'm taking time out this week to visit with family over the Thanksgiving holiday and will be doing what fits into their schedule this week. Such a pleasure to be with adorable grandsons. You may remember with Nate did a great painting of me painting in my studio last year. I'll cook a large turkey with all the trimmings and share the leftovers, especially the pies, with everyone.

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to look at what's important to us, and to remember how fortunate we are to live here on beautiful Marco Island with the natural world so close. Whatever your own situation this Thanksgiving, take a moment to reflect on our troops, so far away from family and friends, in such difficult situations. You can send them a card to let them know that they're appreciated. Thanks to Xerox, (and Diana who told me about it) it's easy and will only take seconds to send a soldier a thank you card by clicking here.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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