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Marco Island Center for the Arts Birthday Bash

The Marco Island Center for the Arts 40th birthday bash was lots of fun. It was back to the sixties with Harvey Wallbangers, great outfits, simple but delicious food, terrific decorations and a good time had by all. It was so nice to see long time Art League supporter and artist Charlie Horn looking terrific and having a wonderful time.

Collaborative 40, the painting above, is the result of 40 different artists taking a prepared panel and using their own creative image and materials to complete it. Everyone had their own panel favorites.

Because there is Velcro on the supports and Velcro on the panels, they can be arranged in a variety of ways and in any direction. A number of party guests tried their hand at arranging the panels to suit themselves. Some lucky party participant will have the opportunity to arrange the artwork for final installation. Can't wait to see it!

Yes, I've been painting the daily paintings, but am having some difficulty getting a decent photo to post. They look fine in my new camera at the studio, but awful when I get them to the computer. Hope to overcome this soon!

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