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Happy Birthday to Marilyn

About a dozen island artists will gather today to have lunch. We do it periodically, and always have a wonderful time talking art. Today's luncheon will be in honor of artist Marilyn Wirth. It's her birthday and she'll turn 80 today. Marilyn taught art for 35 years, loves painting with beautiful colors, and is still willing to share all she knows.

We all bring a little something to these luncheons. Sometimes it's about a gallery we visited, an award that we've won, and art story about a sale, or a painting we'd like to have critiqued. Marilyn often brings articles from art magazines, each one special for the intended person.

We're a pretty positive bunch, but today Marilyn has asked that we bring no negatives to the meeting. Positive thoughts, positive comments, happy articles and artwork. There will be no negatives at her birthday lunch!

The painting above is one of Marilyn's paintings, in beautiful colors and her flowing impressionist style. We own this one, and that's my grandson in the red hat, making his own painting at Residents Beach! Happy Birthday, Marilyn!

If you're on the island, don't miss the Left Bank Art Show at the Esplanade tomorrow. This is a non-juried, casual show, always well received, special because serious artists, casual painters and young artists are all welcome.


Mary Sheehan Winn said...

I was so thrilled to be part of this group luncheon today at the Marco Island Yacht Club.
Thank You JoAnn for organizing it and inviting me. Made my day!!

Jo-Ann Sanborn said...

We did have a nice time, didn't we. And I think Marilyn loved it!

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