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Complements, Composition, Learning Woes

I was fooling around with complimentary pairs the other day, wanting to refresh my eye. With just two colors to work with, and without having to worry about color choices, it serves to strengthen the value range in my work.

The first pair is blue and orange, the second yellow and purple, and the third is red and green. White is the only color added. I start out most paintings like this, blocking in the darks first and adding some light, and building my way to the details. I can do this first part fairly quickly, even on a large painting, and can see right away if the "balance" of the painting works.

If not, it's a quick and easy fix at this stage, much better than after hours of work you see that something is not quite right. Composition is the bones that the whole painting hangs on, and if it's not right, then all of the other principals of design just won't fall into place.

The reason that I'm showing you this today is that it is the only photo I can find easily. I've fallen head-long into the tar-pit of technology I spoke about a while ago. I've got a new computer and love it. My beloved son-in-law set it up, made sure I had email and could get to the Internet, and then the visit was over. Programs?

My problem. But I'm a smart woman, right? I can figure this out, right? So far, wrong, and all the while I'd rather be in the studio. All the programs I used easily were outdated, have to be found, upgraded, installed, and I have to learn to use them again. But I can do it, right?

Please bear with me. It's going to be a sticky few weeks until I'm back in my comfort zone.

1 comment:

Leslie Hawes said...

Love this as a triptych!
And don't you just love having to re-learn stuff on the computer? Me neither...

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