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Not computer woes, again?

Glorious Moment
Acrylic on Canvas. 5"x&"
Here I am once again complaining about trying to learn just enough technical literacy to keep in the race. I'm not young, started life without even a TV, and grew up kicking and screaming as I was pulled into new times. But, if you don't speak the language you'll be left behind, and I'm not one who likes to be left behind!

I received a new camera for Mother's Day. More pixels, more memory, more pleasure, right. Wrong! I can just barely take a photo and get it up on this blog. Took me nearly half an hour this morning just to find the right connection cord to get the photo from the camera to the computer. Still in the box. UGH

This camera tells me just before I shoot EVERY SINGLE PHOTO that my hands are shaking. I'm old, but not THAT old. I brace myself, hold my breath, tuck in my elbows, look for inner stillness, and nope, still too shaky. I give up, but then can't find the tripod.

I can probably edit it out. That would be if I didn't have a new computer. Because it's been so long and I've been delaying the purchase, every one of my old and reliable programs need to be updated, or are outdated. This mean they no longer work the way they did. Organizing now means something else. I can't find the files, and they're certainly not where they were in relation to each other. If I write my blog post elsewhere, it won't cut and paste in any more. I did have a lovely one ready, and where are my photos?

Because I use Carbonite, an on-line computer back up, I know they're there, and that's a relief. I'm gradually finding and restoring as time passes, but this is not a quick process--at least for me. Some things won't show up in the new programs, or the data is in a format not acceptable. It too me an entire week to find and restore my business account, but that, at last seems OK

Back to my photo. I could edit it with Photoshop. That is if I knew how to use Photoshop. It's new, and its on my computer, but it speaks a very different language from my old software editing program. I've got two huge books, but haven't read them yet since I'm still spending every spare minute restoring and recovering files.

Anyway, everyone knows how to use Photoshop, right? Not me. I should be able to figure this out, at least for one quick photo. Well, I give up for today. I took a photo with shaky hands, can't edit it, couldn't find the cord to put it in the computer, couldn't find the photo, couldn't move it into Photoshop, had trouble doing what I wanted with it, thought I had it until the wrong photo appeared above. It's obviously one of the unedited versions, taken with the shaky hands. I don't know why it has the label of the one I spend an hour figuring out how to edit.

You'll just have to stop in and see the little daily painting in person if you're on Marco. It's lovely, and I'll replace this photo just as soon as I can figure out how!

Meanwhile, I'm at wit's end over this. I'd call in a professional if I really thought it would help, but know that it's mostly about me learning new thing. Anyway, it's time to stop whining and go painting. Thanks for listening!


Bridget Hunter said...

This is why I love blogging - because Ive been able to read your words. Someone I've never met but whose words match my condition!!! And think your work is lively and lovely.

Jo-Ann Sanborn said...

Thanks, Bridget. I'm glad my words touched you -- and I'll do my best to do better than whine!

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