Florida painter, Everglades, Marco Island, artist Jo-Ann Sanborn


Depth and Mystery, Morning Light painting by Everglades artist Jo-Ann Sanborn

Morning Light, 2011. Jo-Ann Sanborn
8"x10", acrylic on linen board

Our landscape is full of wonderful complicated colors full of depth and mystery, not always easy to capture.  I used layers of glazing to get the rich glow in the background. 

I painted today's painting on linen board, a new support for me.  I've tried painting on stretched linen in the past and found that it would stretch and sag beyond my comfort zone as I scrubbed in the many layers of acrylic paint. 

Using quality materials is important to me.  Canvas on board is the choice for my daily paintings, and when my custom supplier stopped making them, I had to look for another source. I did some research, ordered bits of what seemed interesting, and am in the process of try out several new types. 

One supplier had an acrylic primed linen on board, but not in the small size I like best for my landscapes.  Still, the thought of being able to use linen with my type of painting made me want to give it a try, so I ordered three of the 8x10's and fell in love. 

Linen takes up more paint than the cotton and it feels different.  Better?  Probably. 
We'll see where the relationship goes, and cost is a concern.  Still, I'm excited about Wind River Arts acrylic primed linen on gatorboard.  You might like it, too. 

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