Florida painter, Everglades, Marco Island, artist Jo-Ann Sanborn


Full of Promise, painting by Everglades Artist Jo-Ann Sanborn

Autumn Song, 2011, Jo-Ann Sanborn
acrylic on linen, 20"x24

We look at the beauty of the land surrounding us, and take a moment to savor the promise of the day.  Autumn Song has taken on a richness and glow through layers of glazing and building up and cutting back. 

Through a touch of good fortune and an instructor who believes in the arts and community, the Artist Colony at the Esplanade is working with the Marco Island Academy with the eventual goal of producing a film about the Colony, with a short clip about each individual artist.  

The first step will be for the students to write an article for the school newspaper about their plans.  Joshua, Jakob and Armando interviewed me, as founder of the Colony, for some background information, and about my work.  They were well prepared, full of energy, and full of promise.  The techno savvy and the energy at the school was full of promise, too.  I'm excited about this opportunity!

Update!  Instructor has left and project in limbo.  Stay tuned!

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