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Luncheon for the Arts on Marco Island

Bird Centerpiece
Calusa Garden Club

Last Friday's Luncheon for the Arts was a wonderful success, with about 215 people from all segments of Marco Island coming out to honor the arts.  Harpist Kim Adamson provided delightful gathering music to get everyone in the mood and Forrest Nickols beautiful and inspiring photo of a rising heron in full plumage greeted everyone. 

The reception table was exceptional, getting everyone in on time and solving any issues quickly and with grace.  The table hosts were fabulous in both inviting people to the event and making them feel at home.  Artists and dignitaries were sprinkled throughout the room. 

The Marco Island Hilton Resort and Spa did a splendid job of feeding that many people without fuss or disturbance, and were able to offer free parking as well.  Yummy chocolate cake completed the meal. 

The Calusa Garden club provided centerpieces for each of the 22 tables, and a large display for the entrance.  One lucky person at each table got to take one home.  They were creative and distinctive and gave a wonderful, natural air to the event. 

If you missed it, you can see the opening film, Rita Blitt's "Caught in Paint" here.  And, if you couldn't come but want to see the arts remain strong on Marco, donate to the Marco Island Center for the Arts.  A rebirth, or renewal is well underway, thanks to new Executive Director Lynn Holley and a supportive board. 

Two regrets.  I completely forgot about taking photos!  Phooey!  And only one of our seven City Council members, Mr Wayne Waldack, attended.  Were the rest too busy to attend a free lunch in support of the arts?  Their loss.

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