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Support for the Arts, Autumn Grasses painting by Everglades artist Jo-Ann Sanborn

Autumn Grasses, 2011 © Jo-Ann Sanborn
Acrylic on Canvas, 18"x24

Sometimes a painting that you think is done isn't.  This is one I showed a couple of weeks ago and then went back in and tightened up.  You can see the older vision here.
Last year the City of Marco Island presented the lovely FLAME awards to people who  excelled in encouraging the arts in our community. Tonight I'll speak to the Marco Island City Council to again ask for support for the awards and to tell them of a new project the Arts Advisory Committee would like to present to the public. 

 Even thought our City funds parks, recreation, and beautification, and has a huge capital program, funding for the arts is a struggle! In this tight economy, it's uncertain whether support for the arts, even a small amount, will be granted.

Our growing City needs more than a beach.  We know by now that the arts enrich our community.  We also know that the arts bring money to a community by providing jobs and exciting things to do, and that cultural tourists who visit spend more and stay longer in an arts community.  The arts help our housing market since people what to live where there are arts opportunities
A few years ago a poll of the people on Marco showed a clear majority would pay a dollar to two a year for the arts.  Funding for the FLAME award is under a nickel per person a year!
Let's ensure that the arts are alive and well on Marco Island.  If you live on Marco, give your Council person a call or a quick email and ask them to support the arts on Marco by recognizing those who do the work with a FLAME award.  Thanks! 

My class "Color Mixing" starts today, and I'll teach "Light and the Florida Landscape" next month.  Both will be taught at the Marco Island Center for the Arts

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