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Three Watercolor Postcards



A little work today yielded three post cards. I'll use them for thank you notes here, or send them to collectors who may have purchased while I'm away.

Watercolor is a delicate and lovely medium in the right hands. I know that I have far to go before becoming competent in this difficult medium. I have, however, enjoyed varying from my usual acrylic, and being still able to work while traveling with very few materials.

I'm looking forward to my next visit to the Everglades, and to being back in my studio in familiar surroundings. I'm ready to have a big canvas in front of me and a big brush in my hand, and the space to stretch out a bit and work large again.

Travel expands our minds in many ways. Seeing the art and lifestyles of other cultures, past and present enriches our lives. In time, assimilation of the things I've seen and the experiences I've had will surely translate into growth in my artwork, but at this point I'm not able to predict what those changes will be.

I'll be back in the studio on Friday and look forward to seeing you! Come at 4 and you can join me for afternoon tea!


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martinealison said...

Trois adorables petites aquarelles remplies de délicatesse.
Gros bisous

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