Florida painter, Everglades, Marco Island, artist Jo-Ann Sanborn


Artist Demonstration, Beach Light, painting by JoAnn Sanborn

Some of you may recognize this painting from a demonstration I began at the just opened Big Cypress Marketplace on Rt. 41 last Saturday. There are never great expectations for a great painting during a demonstration because the goal is really to show your methods and talk with people rather than to obtain a finished product. People seem delighted to see a painting emerge from the dark background on the canvas. I never finish a painting while demonstrating, since although my initial lay-in is fast, a finished painting needs much more thought and many layers of hard work before completion. So, I was delighted at home when I took a look and saw a "start" that perhaps could be made into a finished painting.

I"m enjoying exploring groups of palms on Marco Island beach. Most of the palms near the beach are accompanied by tall condo buildings, but it's easy to ignore them, look between them, and focus on the groups of palms and the beach light. If I'm lucky and the palms and the light cooperate, this exploration has the potential to develop into a series.


Anonymous said...

ah yes, another beauty of painting: if it doesn't "fit" remove it! if it's "missing" install it! and voila, it's a beautiful world (and it is, too!)
thanks for sharing,

JoAnn Sanborn said...

The painting's the thing--it has to work on the canvas with our without reality! Thanks, Tara

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