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Internet image, Water's Edge daily painting by JoAnn Sanborn

As an artist it's important to have an Internet image. You're not taken at all seriously if you don't. Gallery owners, decorators, and clients can easily find you and to view your latest work. It's 's especially important for people who can't easily pop into your studio for a visit. So some web presence is helpful.I've been trying to upgrade my Internet image for a couple of weeks now. First, this blog had some problems in the validation that made it hard for the search engines to see it properly. Some 629 problems! Heart stopping, since I had no idea how to fix them. Still, it's good for us to learn new things, and sometimes there's no choice but to jump right in. I've welcomed the help of artist Manuela Valenti. I don't know Manuela, but know she's a fine artist and a fine person from meeting her in a daily painting discussion group online. She's knowledgeable about the web, and kind enough to share willingly. How nice to have some hand-holding from afar.

Second, I've joined Twitter. I'm not sure what its all about, since even my children tell me they're not interested in "following" my day. I'm not sure anyone is, but I'll "follow" a couple of people to try and learn the value. Right now it's hot, and if you'd like to twitter you can find it here, and me, here.

Today it's Facebook. A friend asked me to be her friend, prompting me to take action. Joining Facebook is something that I've been going to do for a while, but had been putting off, since it seems like a young person's thing. But the Internet art world says it's necessary, so here goes. You can find me by putting in my name if you want to be friends!

Water's Edge


Anonymous said...

Hi JoAnn!
How nice of you! thank you!
Certainly a must those two, Twitter and Facebook. Great tools!

JoAnn Sanborn said...

I'm learning a little every day about all aspects of the web. Thanks, Manuela!

mary sheehan winn said...

You are so right. Blogging and internet presence is key in today's world. Since I began blogging my paintings, I have a world wide audience!
Also, it's wonderful to have other artists whose work I admire, comment on my work. Artists in the Blogosphere are kind and helpful.
I am a Snowbird who spends Jan-April in Naples. I am thinking about joining Marco Art League.
I've seen your paintings in a Gallery down there and they are lovely.

JoAnn Sanborn said...

Hi, Mary. The Marco Art League has a great group of artists and some nice programs. They're having a member drive right now and YOU could be the member I get! If you are ready to join please use my name!
Call me if you'd like to be a guest at our artist table luncheon, too!

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