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Natural Light, Daily Painting by Jo-Ann Sanborn

The light was fantastic as we drove back from Tampa at dusk Tuesday night. The billowy clouds piled up low in the sky and the late day sun raked the landscape making strong contrast between bright and shadow areas. Without a bit of rain we saw a beautiful rainbow and got a picture of it from the car window. In some areas there was a wide variety of cloud types and the light coming through would highlight aspects of the landscape. We're used to unusual light down here on the southernmost peninsula, but this was spectacular and a fitting end to day filled with both goodbyes and renewal. The changing light made the trip go quickly and the drive easy, and we were home by dark.

Certainly the memory of that light had a part in the inspiration for today's painting. I'll work on it a little more before this painting is ready to be adopted. (Oh, horrors, daily painters!) Do you have a favorite natural light show stored in your memory? If not, just step outside at sunset some evening and see what nature offers.
Natural Light


Anonymous said...

yes...one autumn day in goodland a light rain was falling just as the sun dropped below the clouds; the effect was a horizontal light that turned every rain drop into a drop of gold.
that was over 20 years ago but i'll never forget it.
peace, TARA

Judy said...

every day is joyful when I open my e-mail and view one of your paintings! Your blog site is wonderful and your paintings are magical.
Judy G

JoAnn Sanborn said...

Sounds like a beautiful sight, Tara. What a great memory!

THanks, Judy. Glad youo're enjoying the blog. I'm having fun writing it, too!

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