Florida painter, Everglades, Marco Island, artist Jo-Ann Sanborn


Morning Stillness Everglades painting by JoAnn Sanborn


Today's small Everglades painting worked out just the way I hoped it would. An artist often starts with an idea--the idea, or an idea, is really the reason for painting at all! The idea for this small painting was to capture the very still, quietness of the early morning. I love this time of the morning, when it seems that the whole world is just holding it's breath waiting to greet the sun and a new day. The Everglades landscape is infused with a soft light. It's quite still, so the reflections in the water are without ripples. Many days I take a short walk in the early morning to wake up and greet the day, and find early dawn a perfect time for the mind to reflect on the natural beauty of our fabulous landscape and be glad for it.

Back to the idea. Sometimes the idea for the painting gets changed into beautiful colors as the palette takes over. Sometimes the forms change according to the needs of the canvas. Sometimes an artist reacts to what's happening and develops the painting in a different direction from the original idea. Sometimes there are miserable false starts until the idea is diminished out of existence. But sometimes it all comes together the way it's supposed to, and there's a great sign of "hooray!" at the finish.

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