Florida painter, Everglades, Marco Island, artist Jo-Ann Sanborn


New Dawn, Daily Everglade Painting by JoAnn Sanborn

Phew, it's over! The election season was by far the most contentious one in recent history, with everyone taking sides and adamantly discussing the positions of the candidates. For the most part it was civil in my circle, with interest and respect for the other person's perspective. We saw some great humor on both sides if were able to enjoy it without taking it personally, and some really bad stuff that should not have been circulated under any circumstances. Just think for a minute how wonderful it is that we can discuss, debate and vote, and then move on under a totally different leadership every four or eight years without any serious civil disruption.

However you voted, today is a New Dawn, and we'll be ready with our American spirit strong and with hope and optimism to see what the future brings.

New Dawn
7" x 5"


Anonymous said...

it is a brand new day! i think it's interesting that your painting has so much purple in it since purple is the new talked about color symbolizing the coming together of red (rep.) and blue (dem.).
the election's over...now, everyone, back to your studios!

Terri & George said...

We are the lucky recipients of "New Dawn". Along with the election and the events in our country which is evident in this piece, "New Dawn" has signficant meaning in each of our lives. Thank you for your support and sharing our joyous "New Dawn"! Hugs and kisses. Terri and George

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