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Invitational Art Show, Old Mother West Wind Visits the Palms, daily painting by Everglades Artist Jo-Ann Sanborn

Old Mother West Wind visits the Palms
Does anyone else remember the old Thornton Burgess children's books? I still think of Old Mother West Wind when the wind blows. My father used to read these stories to my brother and I every night when we were children. The books we read were old, and had been my mothers, and some even maybe my grandfathers. We read all about Reddy Fox and his friends, then Uncle Wiggly, and other memorable series and stories. I'm sure that my love of the nature world stems from the pleasure of that time, and the stories that gave human traits to the natural world.

The Naples Invitational Art Show didn't live up to it's past this year. There were a few sales, and some artists did quite well, but the usual crowd of attendees just didn't show up, so the show was lacking in it's usual big crowd excitement. I'm not sure if everyone was at the beach because of the beautiful weather, if the promoters just didn't advertise enough, if it was the economy in general, or the $5 entry donation, but for some reason traffic was really light for this show.

Too bad, because this show has more interest and variety than most of the Naples shows. The slow times passed more easily by good art conversation with artist friends Darlene Pearce, and Christine Reichow, and it was a pleasure to listen to the unobtrusive and delightful music of Archie Smith across the way. Archie makes beautiful instruments, beautiful hangers for them, and beautiful music!

Still, I don't mean to be complaining! We had an easy load-in spot, and a gratifying number of customers and friends stopped by to to chat about art, brought friends, let me know that they still love my work, are enjoying the blog. You make it possible to continue working at what I love, and I'm very grateful to you!

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Kathy said...

The Naples Art Show...although the entry fee was stated as a "donation" it was almost required that we pay $5 each ($10) to enter. That might have turned some away ...especially in today's economy. We were browsers...and we went to see you!

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