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Selling Art in the Slump, Whisper on the Wind daily painting by Everglades artist Jo-Ann Sanborn

Whisper on the Wind
5x7, $150>

Today's Everglades painting is of a clump of palms that has become quite familiar to me. I've pushed their surroundings back a little to focus on the group. Yesterday a cold front came through, and the skies darkened as the wind picked up. To me they look like they have their heads together, trying to hear what the wind might be telling!

Selling art in the slump is not easy for artists, and we're lucky to have the help of people like Alyson Stanfield, an art marketing coach who gives back by giving away a free Art Marketing Salon. Eight Marco Island artists have taken on this challenge, and business reporter Quentin Roux of the Marco Eagle, our local newspaper wrote an article about the Salon. It was easy to submit the article because Alyson included a sample article and all we had to do was fill in some of the local information. He took the information and we're delighted with the publicity.

But more important was that it began a dialogue between our local newspaper's business reporter and the artists. He told me he liked hanging out with artists. I told him that I thought the business of art was important to the economy of an area. If he liked Marco artists, he should attend the Blue Mangrove Gallery's reception for artist Tara O'Neill. There just might be some artists there! The Blue Mangrove is a wonderful Marco art-business success story, and Tara paints a story of village life. This particular exhibit is all about beach umbrellas, and each painting has a story to tell. Our reporter may have been going anyway, but it was nice to see him there, taking pictures and talking with people about the art. Stop in and see the exhibit and think of the Blue Mangrove when you need a gift or a treat.
Other artists have expressed interest in the Art Marketing Salon, and Marco Center for the Arts will host a brown bag lunch at noon on January 22 to discuss art marketing. We'll discuss what you'd like available. It may result in another Salon, so save the date and come along at noon if you're interested.


Kathy said...

Today's painting reminds me of our seasonal snowbirds on the beach...how they group in circles and whisper loudly!

JoAnn Sanborn said...

They do, don't they! Great comment. Thanks, Kathy.

Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

Gosh, what a good 'networker' you are! You definitely will 'survive' the slump - and prosper. I wish I could see this show about the unbrella's, sounds cool. Today's painting is so beautiful - I love the lonely isolation of the palms. You give them such a mood, beautiful!

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