Florida painter, Everglades, Marco Island, artist Jo-Ann Sanborn


Arts Tabletalk, Vanishing Lands painting by Everglades artist JoAnn Sanborn

Vanishing Lands
24x30, acrylic on canvas

I"m working like mad to have several new paintings ready for the Blue Mangrove Gallery show at Town Center Mall next month. The painting above, Vanishing Lands, will be among my new Everglades work. Everglades photographer Jeff Ripple has his wonderful work on display there now. Stop in and take a look.

Delighted to have eleven artists at Art Tabletalk yesterday. With so many people gone for the summer, it's nice to have that many artists turn out for our lunch.What a nice arts community!

We have expanded to using two guiding rules now; the only subject we'll talk about will be art and, there will only be one conversation at the table. The first one isn't hard at all, since talking about art with others who care is why we come to the table in the first place. The second, sticking to one conversation, gets harder as the group gets larger, although we can manage to do it at a round, or square table.

If someone says to you, what do you do, you answer "Artist" and live on Marco Island, you're welcome to come along. We're not sure how we can manage when we start having over 12 people at lunch but we're probably just about at that point.

We don't want to lose the intimacy of really listening to each other when we discuss moral, technical and practical issues regarding our work. We don't want to be exclusive and eliminate those who might want to attend, but two separate tables would defeat our purpose. Any ideas?

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