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Marco Island Newcomers, Talking about Art

Good Morning. I've had the great honor recently of being asked, twice, to talk about my art. Speaking in public about my art causes me great anxiety, but I've learned that as much as I want my art to speak for itself, it's probably better to help it along with a few words, so I graciously accept such kind invitations.

I filled the car with paintings, materials, cards, brochures and coupons and took us out for lunch. The Newcomers are a lively group, meeting and greeting with great enthusiasm, with obvious delight in being together. I was a member years ago and had "spun off" since you can only be a member for a limited time.

After I spoke about the growing art scene on Marco Island, and my muse, the Everglades, I began a painting. My canvas is always toned with a warm dark, and I build and shape form with an additive-subtractive enthusiasm almost like a sculptor in my search for the shapes and their interaction on the canvas. This has been my method from my introduction to acrylic, almost 40 years now.

In a public demonstration of only about 1/2 hour, I can only get down the most basic block-in, but people seems to enjoy seeing the painting begin to emerge from the canvas. I'm sorry that I didn't take a photo of the first stage of this painting at the Marco Island Newcomers Club on Wednesday, but stage two is above, and stage three, below.

It's starting to get some definition of form, some light, and a color strategy is evolving. All of these will be further developed in a push-pull method as the painting evolves.

Here's the final on the painting that started as a demonstration at the Marco Island Yacht Club's Ladies Luncheon. You can see it's first hour here. Thanks to both groups for having me as a guest!

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