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Changes in the Colony, and I love a Parade painting by Everglades Artist JoAnn Sanborn

I Love a Parade, JoAnn Sanborn
Acrylic on Canvas, 20"x40"

The Artist Colony at the Esplanade, of which I am delighted to be part, is housed in donated, vacant retail space. While all of the artists know it can happen, the reality of a paying tenant claiming their space came as a shock!

What a parade as the artists of Waterfront Gallery carried their art works and the contents of their gallery across the Esplanade to their new home. Luckily they were offered another donated space, and while they're sorry to lose their nice bright gallery on the waterfront, they'll enjoy being more visible to the Esplanade's many visitors in their new space.

In addition to the move, sculptor Bob Frettoloso, painters Carolyn MacAndrew, Bill Moseley, Pat Perrotti and mixed media artist Tracy Gudgel will be leaving the Colony. They cite a variety of reason for their decision, and are all grateful for their Colony experience. The eleven remaining artists wish them well on their continued artistic journey.

Waterfront regulars Tony Dallman-Jones, Maggie DeMarco, Claire Keery and Phyllis Pransky are working hard to make the new space ready. The gallery will be closed during renovations, but will reopen in a couple of weeks.

Because the new space is smaller, Waterfront, which started out as a group gallery, has decided that each of the remaining artist would welcome a little more space, so there will be no openings for additional artists at this time. Welcome to the Courtyard!

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