Florida painter, Everglades, Marco Island, artist Jo-Ann Sanborn


Life's a Beach, Jo-Ann Sanborn
Acrylic on archival board, 5x7"

Landscape class started yesterday and I've got a wonderful group of fine artists to share and grow with!  We spoke about the light yesterday, and how the light changes as it moves through the sky.  I gave out a handout about light on forms, but a student suggested I develop a handout about the changes of color and light.  It's something that needs to be observed, over and over until it becomes part of a landscape painters vocabulary, but here's a start to get you thinking about how colors change as the day progresses.   

Morning Light
Cool early morning light retains influence of night colors
Colors grayer in the early morning
More yellows appear as rising sun warms the land
Shadows usually soft
Horizon is lighter than the rest of the sky
Often there’s a beautiful array of soft, subtle color just before sunrise

Mid-Day Light
More orange in the mixes
Bluer sky affects the shadows more
Strong value contrasts between light and shadow areas
Bowl effect of sky becomes very strong
Light on the horizon, deep blues at the zenith

Late Afternoon Light
Colors are grayer and warmer as the daylight mixes with pollution
Yellows turn to umbers
Shadows lengthen

Sunset Light
Sun goes through more atmosphere as it sinks to the horizon
Increases the amount of warm reds, yellows and oranges
As sun sets,  the purples and deep blues of night slowly take over
Top of the sky darkens more quickly than near the horizon

On another subject, you may have visited the Art Artist Colony at the Esplanade  and wondered how one of the artists conceived and executed a painting or other work of art.  Here's a chance for you to meet them, hear what they have to say, and ask questions.  We'll be having a FREE meet the Artists demonstrations and lectures event every half hour NEXT Wednesday, March 16th, as part of Arts Afire, so put it on your calendar now! 

Here's the schedule!  
10:00 am     Waterfront Studios & Gallery,  Karen Swanker - Found Objects
10:30 am     Rightside Studios, Darren Clack
11:00 am     Waterfront Studios & Gallery, Maggie DeMarco - Glass Painting
11:30 am     Portside Studios, Inez Hudson, Inspiration
12:00 noon  Rightside Studios, Tara O’Neill - Art with an Intimate Focus
12:30 pm     Waterfront Studios & Gallery, Tom Gallagher
1:00 pm       Portside Gallery, Amanda Ganong
1:30  pm      Rightside Studios, Betty Newman - Painting on Water
2:00 pm       Waterfront Studios, Tony Dallman Jones - Sculpting with Light
2:30 pm       Portside Studios, Carolyn Burger - The Diversity of Acrylics
3:00 pm       Rightside Studios, Jo-Ann Sanborn - Everglades, Light and Love
3:30 pm       Waterfront Studios, Claire Keery Collage, Assemblage as an Artform

We'll look forward to seeing you.  I've got a nice, new, oversized postcard for those who come to mine! 

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