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Art Class, Palm trees and Painting

Two Palms

Today’s palm tree painting was started as a demo in the Landscape Class lesson on Trees. They were done quickly in order to demonstrate in response to questions, but I like what was happening and the painting may have potential. 

Each student had taken a photo of a tree or some trees, and worked on painting from photos. We talked about the character of trees, the way light works on them and through them, and how the same rules of atmospheric progression apply. We often found ourselves looking at the lush foliage outside the window to help us define a concept or illustrate a point.

Here’s a rather poor photograph of the class’s excellent results on our water day!

I love teaching, and will post a schedule for my classes on my website by September for those of you who want to plan ahead. I’m also working on some terrific workshops by some really great artists for the Art League next season. Keep in touch!

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