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Bonita Show Review

With the Studio at the Esplanade on Marco, I haven't felt the need to do the outdoor shows in the last few years.  Lately I've wanted to re-connect with my client base (I did), see if I'm still priced competitively (I am) and see what's new in the Art world. (some good, some not so good)

It used to be something special to attend an art show, but now there are so many that there's one every weekend somewhere close. People don't understand the difference between a juried and unjuried show, and sometimes it doesn't matter anyway. 

The Bonita Show is a juried, quality, well-run show with some terrific artwork in many disciplines.  Traffic at the show could have been heavier, much heavier, but the word was that with so many shows around people are just tired.  I enjoyed meeting old friends, connected with many who said they had missed me, and made a few new friends, too. 

It was nice to see art friends Phyllis Pransky, Bob Ewell, and Tom Ross, as well as new work by Barbara Groenteman.  Naples Calendar artist John BARTolous stopped by, too.

The photo above was taken by my artist friend Mary Sheehan Winn.  Thanks, Mary.  She's fun and fabulous, and teaching now in Naples.  We met, as many artists today, by admiring each others art on the Internet!

We all watched the weather on Saturday as a storm came and went very close by. How did we ever get by without iPhone radar to show exactly where the storm was? Rain threatened briefly on Sunday, late, but again stayed away. Phew!

I remembered everything I needed, set up with the help of a friend and took down myself on Sunday. I can still do it, although my body knows I did something different and the muscles not used in a while are complaining a bit! Like every show I've ever done some artists did quite well, and others are looking hopefully towards their next show.

Thank you to those who purchased, those who will visit the studio, and those who said kind things.  It was well worth the effort, although I most likely won't do it again any time soon!


Mary Sheehan Winn said...

You look Mah-velous!
It was great to see you and thanks for the link and the compliments, I'm going to put your link on my blog with a mention of the Esplanade Studios.
See you this week!

Jo-Ann Sanborn said...

Thanks for taking the photo Mary. It was such fun to see you. I'll look forard to coffee with you later this week!

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