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First Ever Seminole Art Exhibition deserves more attention

I will not Run, LeRoy Oceola
Since the arrival of executive director Lynn Holley, there's been a lot of moving and shaking going on at the Marco Island Center for the Arts.  First, she opened up an unused storeroom, called it "La Petite Gallerie," and has shown a marvelous selection of small art exhibitions.  She's also stepped up the pace of the larger gallery as well,  working to offer another level of unusual and thought provoking exhibitions to the Collier County public.

The exhibition currently being shown, "Artists of the Everglades, is the work artist members of the Seminole Tribe.  It's an exhibtion worthy of your notice.  This is the first time that this unconquered Native American nation has shown its artwork in a public exhibition off the reservation.  First Ever!  The work is colorful and powerful, and the gallery is filled with it's energy. 

The exhibition was the brainchild of the hardworking Gallery Committee under artist Tara O'Neill, and took almost two years of building trust through tribal meetings and encouragement to bring the exhibition to fruition. 

This story and exhibition deserve attention, maybe even to the national level.  People all over south Florida should be coming, and bringing their children to see it!  It should be receiving offers to travel to other parts of the state and the country.  

Unfortunately the show will have to be taken down at the end of the month for an exhibition of adult students.  Adult students are the lifeblood of the Art Center and deserve attention, too.  Still, if a way can be found to do it, this exhibition deserves more time in the gallery, so that everyone who might want to learn about it and to see it can attend.  

If you haven't been yet, go view this exhbition before March 29th.  You'll be glad you did. 

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