Florida painter, Everglades, Marco Island, artist Jo-Ann Sanborn


Pottery Studio Visit, and Shady Grove, painting by Everglades artist Jo-Ann Sanborn

Shady Grove, 2013, Jo-Ann Sanborn
acrylic on canvas, 24x36
This past Saturday I spent part of the day at Rinny Ryan's studio.  Rinny has a fabulous location, way, way out in a shady grove on Everglades Boulevard in Golden Gate.  It's tricky to find it among the winding dirt roads, but well worth the trip. I went on Saturday because of an invitation to a "Kiln Opening," the first of the season for back-from-the-north prolific potter. 
Pottery is displayed everywhere.  There are shelves and tables full of beautiful work.  By the time I got there the kiln had been open.  Rinny was displaying her new work, and some innovative new glazes rich with sensuous color.  Im not an artist, she insists, but a craftsman.  She shares her ideas easily, and enjoys teaching.    
I'm not a potter, in fact have never made a pot.  But pottery, particularly functional pottery, has a special place in my heart.  I love the idea of clay and hands and fire coming together to make useful things, and that people have been using these methods to make the things we use in our daily life for centuries.  Each piece has a human touch and an artist's touch. 
My coffee mug comes from a potter, my mixing bowls and much of my ovenware come from the hands of someone who cared about it's making.  Soup at my house is served in a handmade bowl, and I eat my dinner on a handmade plate.  Each piece brings me joy as I use it, and beauty to my kitchen and home. 
Clay artists Annabelle Johnson, Rinny Ryan, and Richard Rosen in Rinnny's Studio
The event was supported by other well know potters.  Annabelle Johnson uses images of our natural work to enhance her work.  You can find her at the Marco Island Farmer's market from October to April. Clay artist Richard Rosen's beautifully colored decorative pieces enhance any home.  Contact him in his studio to see what shows he's doing this year.  And you can find Rinny's work at ArtCrafter shows in Naples, the 2nd Saturdays from October through April in Cambier Park.
Since the event took place near the Picayune State Forest, I saw some of your tax dollars at work restoring Everglades flow.   Does this amazing floating machine have a name?  It was scooping out an invasive vine that was clogging the canal.  It was fun to watch and I wish I had thought to take a video!


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