Florida painter, Everglades, Marco Island, artist Jo-Ann Sanborn


Some people are attuned to dramatic moments of nature, while others are more attuned the actions of people. I can be fascinated to watch ibis eating in a swale or a gorgeous cloud building in the northern sky while these events go totally unnoticed by my husband. But he notices a new walker or runner on our street while I think nothing of it. The drama of changing light as a storm moves through has always fascinated me. It doesn't always come easy in a painting, though, and it took me most of the weekend to get the feeling that I wanted in this painting about a summer storm. Do you like it? Many of you comment by email to a painting you like but do you know you can do it right here, on Comments, below! Others will see your comment but not your name. Either way I love to hear from you! Today I'll be busy making one more pass at Stormlight! The clouds in the background are just too much the same size, and I want to vary them a little more for your interest!

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