Florida painter, Everglades, Marco Island, artist Jo-Ann Sanborn


It took just three clicks of the mouse to completely change style and color of my original painting. This image was created by taking a picture of one of my paintings and using the photo program to just "play" with the image. Because I don't use a sophisticated program, I was bound by the structure of the original. The values didn't hold, as they did in some formats, but this was the most interesting version. I printed this revision on my ink jet printer on canvas paper. It looks pretty good, but has no archival quality at all. The colors will soon fade. This "revision" would last longer if I had printed it with giclee inks, but the quality and longevity could still be questionable. A giclee in a reproduction, or copy, usually of an original painting, but refers to the printing process rather than the creative process, whereas a "print" is a work of art hand printed by the artist, as in a woodcut or engraving. The image I'm showing you today is neither a print or a reproduction--just a computer-altered image made by an artist just to see what happens when a few buttons are pushed. I'll show you the original next!

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