Florida painter, Everglades, Marco Island, artist Jo-Ann Sanborn


I've been painting the Everglades and South Florida for almost 15 years now, and still never tire of an interesting clump of palms! I love their shapes against the background, against the sky and their interaction with each other. The light moves through palms in ways that just doesn't happen with northern trees-there the light tends to sit on top rather than pervade the shape. Oh, and a breeze can change everything. I'm a regional painter still excited by the landscape that is my muse. When this landscape becomes dull and routine I'll change to another subject! This is the painting that was changed dramatically with just a few clicks of the mouse!
It's ArtQuest week on Marco Island, and the Marco Island Foundation for the Arts had put a lot of effort into bringing you some very interesting sculptures. Unveilings are planned for Thursday night, and on Friday there will be a luncheon to meet the artists. Hope if you're in the area you'll come along. More information at http://www.marcoarts.org/

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