Florida painter, Everglades, Marco Island, artist Jo-Ann Sanborn


Quiet Evening

Quiet evening is a time for relaxation and contemplation. I love to sit on the dock as the sun goes down and just enjoy the moment. I've been too busy lately to enjoy quiet moments and have to be satisfied with getting things done and crossed off my list! This painting will go as one of a pair to a National Association of Women Artist's show along with another of the same spot painted in the early morning.
Last week was ArtQuest 2008 unveiling week. I'm chairman of this event, sponsored by the Marco Island Foundation for the Arts. Visit to see more of the ArtQuest sculptures. There are links to the sculptors, too. It was a great week, and we knew we had done it right when sculptor Fred Caravetta, unveiled his "Dancing Terns at the the Marco Island Civic Association's Residence Beach. He loved the placement so much that he said "This sculpture has found a permanent home!" What a great gift to our community! What an inspiring week! Thanks, Fred!

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