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In the Glades,

This painting is in the Big Cypress area of the Everglades off Turner River Road. It's mostly grassland, wet, and a few palms. Going out this time of year to paint means going early, before the afternoon storms, and being ready to fight the mosquitoes. We've developed a method that seems to work. We stop the car. If our review mirror draws mosquitoes, we don't get out and move on to another location. If no mosquitoes come to the mirror it's probably safe to get out of the car. We've been careless about checking and had to run back to the car slapping and screaming after being attacked by a hungry horde. I'm not exaggerating! It's dreadful! But there are many mosquito-free areas to paint. There are mosquito fish in clear, clear water of the Glades, eating mosquito larvae to keep the population down. You can learn more about them and other glades flora and fauna here.

Today is the first day of my six week class at the Marco Center for the Arts. It's not too late to come along if you'd like to learn more about painting with acrylics. Starts at 10!

In the Glades
7" x 5"

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