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We got back late yesterday from a whirlwind New England trip. There's already wet paint in the studio, and there will be a new painting to show you soon. I love getting away because the paintings kind of "ferment" in my head and somehow it's a growth period even though I don't pick up a brush!

New England is always a joy. We love the history, the old houses, spring flowers, and most of all visiting family and friends. We managed to visited three daughters, six grand children, two sisters and a brother, nieces, and dear and treasured friends. Met the newest member of the family, a 22-day old great niece. Hugged and kissed, laughed and cried. Talked and talked, walked down country lanes, on beaches, around points and in the woods. Went to T-ball, Little League and soccer games. Saw movies, ate ice cream and lobster and had wonderful meals cooked and enjoyed with dear ones. Went to the high school graduation that prompted the trip. Congratulations to Kyla who graduated 8th in a class of 280 and will go on to study graphic design. Saw and enjoyed a lot of art, and met some incredible artists, too.

After all that, there's still no place like home. As we drove back we were hit by one of the summer's heavy thunderstorms and took comfort in the fact that the summer rains had started on schedule and are renewing the dry landscape and providing nourishment and continuity to the Everglades. The greens were green, skies dramatic, and the light was fabulous. Can't wait to paint!

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