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Storm in the Glades

Do you think art can be taught, or is it a gift? We can learn the basic principals, and the theories, but what makes an artist successful? Certainly knowledge of art principals is necessary, but beyond that how do we judge? Mastery of certain fundamentals is necessary. Making a lot of money? Becoming a household name? Developing an artistic signature? I've been thinking about this because I have been invited to be part of the Artist Appreciation Series at the Marco Island Orion Bank, and will take part in an event on July 10, from 6-8. Hope you'll be able to attend. You can find more information about attending here.

Today's painting is almost as murky as an artist's success. We've had so much rain, typical for this time of year, and today's painting is no exception. Storm in the Glades is a loose, free work, subdued due to the downpour!

Storm in the Glades
20" x 16"
acrylic on canvas

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