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It's been a really busy time with visitors and refreshing the studio since my class ended. I'm just now getting out some of the paintings I started and used to illustrate points in the workshop. There's about six of them.

Some of them may have a future, and some will be relegated to the trash. I love the square format of this one, and started working on it again yesterday. There's some potential, but the magic isn't there yet. I'll give it another day and see what happens.

Sometimes, in both art and life, it's hard to get back to something you started with such enthusiasm. What causes us to lose that initial urgency? Where does the energy go for such projects?
You may remember Jack Howard Potter's wonderful Marco Man sculpture, purchased by the city and now beautifully reflected in the mirror glass walls of City Hall. He's serving a dual purpose there. First, he reminds us that Marco Island is a City on the Move. We're changing and growing into the future. Second, he's providing a home to some of our feathered friends.
Think it itches? I'll be the co-chair of ArtQuest 2010, a public exhibition of high-quality sculpture presented by the Marco Island Foundation for the Arts in conjunction with Marco's business community. If you know a sculptor who might like to apply, please have them obtain an application here. Thanks! Want to work on the committee? You'd be welcome. Email me.


Rob Hazzard said...

Looks like Marco Man needs a bikini wax!

Love how you handle the waters edge. The movement of the grasses, the reflections...all great.

Jo-Ann Sanborn said...

Ha,Ha. Love your sense of humor. Isn't it funny! This one's not done, I hope to finish it today. Thanks, Rob

Jack Howard-Potter said...

Is someone going to climb up there and pull that stuff out?
I hope so.
Hope you and Bob are well.

Jo-Ann Sanborn said...

Maybe after nesting season? Sure, I'll check it out!

Anonymous said...

A photo worthy of a cover page of the local paper. If the editor had a sense of humor.

Ah, where that magic goes? Haven't we all started, progressed, felt good about the direction and then couldn't leave well enough alone and had to go back in and keep plucking?

Hopefully the same will be true for that statue.

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