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Family Outing daily painting by Everglades artist Jo-Ann Sanborn

"Family Outing" was shipped off yesterday to the National Association of Women Artist's 120th Annual Exhibition, to be hung at the Salmungundi Club in New York City from May 11-29. If you're in the City, stop by and take a look!

This was not the painting I intended to send, but that one turned out too large. This was intended for the Marco Island Center for the Arts Green Period exhibit, but after much layering, color balancing and the agony of the artist I was finally pleased enough to send it. A new Green Period painting is at the framer to be picked up today for submission tomorrow.

After getting the "have to's" under control, painting the studio became a priority. It's been years, and was getting really shabby, so I got to work. The Studio is 12x12, just the right size, but I have it so crammed that I can only paint one wall a day.

The ugly futon, which many a gracious client has had to be pulled out of, has been donated to a friend and piled high on a truck full of furniture headed to Alabama. It served well for many years, and it's surface was covered with spots from times the brush flew out of my hand in the excitement of painting. However it was also hard as a rock and we're having a houseful of guests this month for a family wedding. It will be replaced by a much more comfortable wall bed for overnight guests and a couple of chairs for studio visitors.

Because there isn't much space everything has to be piled, and I can only do one wall at a time. Two walls are already done and look great! I'm off to paint the third one now.

When I'm done, I'll attend the Marco Island Foundation for the Arts annual meeting. The Foundation is (five?) six years old today, and has certainly done it's part in increasing arts awareness on Marco. For today's program Janina Birtolo will portray Mary Todd Lincoln. Janina has done a series of one woman portrayals of women in history, and it's always a pleasure to attend one of her performances. Hope to see you there!

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