Florida painter, Everglades, Marco Island, artist Jo-Ann Sanborn


Today's painting, By a Stream is a 6x6" size, so I don't have a frame for it yet. I'll be getting some in, but in the meantime you can purchase it unframed for $120.

I"m so glad to be back online. After my last post the computer went into a coma. Wasn't revived until until after a replacement part was ordered and came a week later! Visiting family was using the office as a guest room, and another couple occupied the studio, so nothing could be done. In addition to the computer, the air conditioning choked and the car tires had the steel belt showing through. Everything back to working now, but it was quite a week!

The wedding was perfect, filled with the joy of family and friends. My favors and place cards were a big hit and the bride and groom walked the beach for special shells to fill the bottles. The shell theme was continued in centerpieces and a beautiful cake. Despite the rain the bride looked radiant, the groom handsome, and a great time was had by all. The last guest left yesterday morning at 4 am, and we'll miss them all.

The day before the wedding one of my collectors came to pick out a painting for her daughter's birthday. She and her husband has a great time looking through the dailies and were happy to choose "Spring Morning" which I quickly framed for them in the frame of their choice. Walking them out to the car I was delighted to see that she was the winner of the "Smart Car" I had admired outside the Marco Island Library! Seems like she's a lucky gal.

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