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Cold Florida Weather, Winter Sunshine painting by Everglades artist JoAnn Sanborn

Winter Sunshine
11x14, acrylic on canvas

Today's painting is another I was finishing up as a spoke with visitors to the Esplanade. It's interesting and informative to talk with people from all over the globe and to hear of their delight in finding working artists on site.

The weather has been a serious topic of conversation on Marco Island this year since many of our visitors come from colder climates. Some are delighted by our sunshine, happy to be away from the snow, while those who have been here in warmer winters are unhappy about the extremely cold winter we're having.

I know that I was certainly overly optimistic when I wrote my February newsletter, speaking boldly about spring in the air after a couple of warmer days. It's now mid February, and I'm fighting for the life of my tropical plants!

After all, we're in a subtropical location. Climatologists vary a little on the actual temperatures for a subtropical zone, but agree that temperatures in the 40's and 50's are common in winter, and we've had our share of 30's this year! Oh, for a day in the 70's!

Manatee deaths are up due to cold stress. Fish gather in deep holes near the bottom. I haven't seen a gecko for days. I'd be very interested to know how our invasive species, especially the animals, in the Everglades are handling the cold weather. Will it kill off the iguanas and the pythons?


mollybo said...

Hello, my name is Molly Bo. I love to read your blog and your Plein Air paintings are remarkable. I paint memory based landscapes, but I recently joined a Plein Air group and we are going to the everglades at the end of the month, any tips?

Jo-Ann Sanborn said...

Hi, Molly. Congrats on joining a plein air group! Your upcoming trip sounds like fun. At the top of the blog page is link to my plein air tips. Special tips for the Everglades -- if you're in one place that has moquitoes, move, it's usually better just a little way down the road, the edges of day get the best light, enjoy and exploit the great bold shapes. Have a great time!

mollybo said...

Thank you, I can hardly wait.

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