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Waugh, Kearns, and some other seascape artists

One of the artists that I admire is Frederick Waugh. I saw one of his large seascapes in a gallery in Stonington, Ct. years ago and was positively awed by it's beauty. One of the blog artists that I follow regularly is Stapleton Kearns, who writes a blog about all things arty with joy and wit and humor.

The two came together recently in a series of posts by Stapleton to educate his followers on the painting of seascapes, starting with the anatomy of a wave. It's a wonderful, classic series, worth reading if you want to paint seascapes, improve your seascapes, think you might someday live by the sea, or just want to enjoy a great learning experience. The series starts here with a gorgeous Waugh and can be followed by clicking "newer posts" at the end.

I grew up in Gloucester, MA, spent many hours playing on the rocks by the sea as a child and many more in contemplation as a moody teenager. Stapleton Kearns took and posted the photo I worked from for today's daily painting, and I offer it here with deepest apologies to both Stapleton and Waugh. The light, the drama, the form, the movement and the depth will take more than one daily painting to achieve!

Even though the Everglades are my primary subject an artist should never stop learning. I've purchased books on painting seascapes by John Robinson and Roger Curtis as suggested by Stapleton. And yes, I'll read them right after Edgar Payne's Composition of Outdoor Painting that's on my bedside table right now.

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