Florida painter, Everglades, Marco Island, artist Jo-Ann Sanborn


Camera's, Photos, and Art in Bloom

Party Time
acrylic on canvas, 11"x14"

This little painting is not quite as two-toned as it looks here, but I couldn't seem to get a better photo. This sometimes happen when there are a lot of layers of color on the canvas. I tried several times in different lighting, and not being an expert photographer, couldn't seem to do better under any of the settings available on my old, dear camera.

The camera can't seem to decide which of the little dots of light are correct, and so unifies them rather than keeping them separate. I'm sure I'll hear from some camera experts on what to try, but am already of the option that a new camera is the only solution. Cameras have changed a lot since I purchased mine, and although it has five point two pixels per inch it's not enough. I could use a little more zoom, too!

No problem with this photo, which clearly shows paintings with the beautiful floral arrangement created and provided by China Rose Florist on Marco Island. They used a variety of real and artificial greens, and created a gorgeous Everglades landscape. I especially love the way the designer used bamboo sticks to provide a trunk for the very real palm fronds. Art in Bloom was a fun event, I was delighted to have my paintings chosen to feature, and want to thank China Rose for adding to the pleasure of the evening. Look for more collaborations between the Artist Colony at the Esplanade and the businesses of Marco Island, and think of China Rose when you need a nice floral.

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