Florida painter, Everglades, Marco Island, artist Jo-Ann Sanborn


Daily Chores, Passage painting by Everglades Artist Jo-Ann Sanborn

Passage, Jo-Ann Sanborn, 2010
Acrylic on canvas, 20x24

What are the daily chores of a landscape artist?  What do we do to fill each day? 

Observe the landscape to do a great job of painting it.  Usually you look closely at the scene in front of you in order to begin finding the essence of the landscape you are about to paint.  For me this is most often the Everglades. 
Other times observations come upon you in a quiet moment.  As you sip your morning coffee, just for a few moments the sky turns a remarkable shade of pink as the sun peeks over the horizon.  If you weren't observing, you'd miss it.  Let it wash over you, feel it, and it will bring depth to your painting that day, or show up in a later painting. 
Thinking about the things you've seen takes a mind free of the other obligations of life, even if just for a while.  The artist needs some time each day just to contemplate what you've seen, what you've heard, and what you've read.  Those things combined, and your reaction to them, are what make you who you are as a painter.  The thinking time will show in your work.
Generating art is what you're all about.  It the most important thing you do as an artist, because without painting you'll lose the essence of what you saw and what you thought about it.  Painting often builds skill and inventory.  Paint often and regularly!
Connecting is a vital part of being an artist.  First comes connecting with family and friends.  Don't neglect this just because they'll forgive you.  You'll find that you need this in varying amounts. 
Today, connecting with the outside world is easy and vital.   Join your local Art League, visit an art show, write a blog, try Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or join an online artist forum. 
It might seem that observing, contemplating, generating and connecting can make for a pretty full day.  Yep! 
Thanks to Chris Brogan for the idea for today's post.

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