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Vistors, Sailing, and Thanksgiving

The studio was busy and full of visitors last week as we held our second painting party with the theme Mostly Monet.  The participants all exhibited great creative enthusiam and had a wonderful time. 
 Monetessori School came to visit and the children enjoyed painting a group painting.  Then they ffollowed clues to a scavenger hunt about the art.  They counted boats and found curlers, looked for an eagle and found feathers.  It was fun for all and the children were quite serious in their discussions about the art, except for one little boy who didn't want to see the paintings at all! 

Many people will sail away and leave the island for the holidays.  As much as they love Marco Island, they'll always call somewhere else home.  But for me, this is my home now, and I'm thankful to be sharing this Thanksgiving with family from afar. 

Sail Away
acrylic on canvas, 5x7

Along with the family and friends I hold dear to my heart, at Thanksgiving I'm always especially thankful for the people who have purchase and collect my paintings.  Some of you have collected my work since I first came to Marco Island and have seen my work change and grow I developed as a Florida landscape painter.  

Some of you have picked up my work because you also have a love of our endangered Everglades.  Some enjoy my work because of the strong forms and bold shapes.  Sometimes a color attracts you, or you just see a painting passage that you love.  When any of these things happen and you purchase the work, a bond is formed between you and the painting, and me.  

In every case I'm thankful for each connection, and for each sale.  As my work and career advance, I'm delighted to have you along for the ride.  You've watched my prices appreciate as I've gained skill and recognition.  Better still, you've brought your friends and your children into the circle.

So when I sit down to a delicious Thanksgiving feast this year thinking of the many things I'm grateful for in my life, you, my collectors, will be among them.  Thank you, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!


Judie said...

Jo-Ann, thanks for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment! I love your work, and especially your style and colors! Have a nice holiday!

helen said...

Like 'Sail Away' and all the turquoise paintings by the kids.

Jo-Ann Sanborn said...

Thanks for your comments Judie and Helen. Hope you're having a wonderful holiday weekend. I'm with family and enjoying every minute!

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