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Wall Art is so Yesterday! Sunset in Paradise daily painting by artist Jo-Ann Sanborn

Sunset in Paradise
Acrylic on board, 5"x7"

The artists of the Artist Colony at the Esplanade met last night for a pot luck supper. Starters on the patio as the sun set, great fun learning something about each other we didn't already know, and a delicious pot luck dinner by candlelight in and out of the house, opened up to the delightful weather.

We had some good laughs trying to figure which artist was responsible for some fact we didn't know about them. Who knew that artist Carolyn Burger had played solo guitar at a high school talent show, or that artist Betty Newman had flown on the Concorde with David Bowie? Or that artist Darren Clark had had words with Oliver North in an Oxford bar?

Mostly we talked about the things that any group would when together socially. Even politics reared it's head. Almost too touchy but the subject was changed easily and we moved on to more appealing subjects.

What outraged us and drew the most ire was a ad run in the Marco Island Eagle by Wilson Lighting. "Wall Art is so Yesterday" the ad said. Given the high number of Collier County artists, and the huge percentage of income in the county attributed to the arts, why promote your business at the expense of a large population who will take offense? What were they thinking?

"Wrong" we said! Wall art has kept it's appeal for almost 25,000 years. Wall art is warm, colorful, personal, and keeps giving pleasure. You don't have to have electricity to enjoy it. We don't expect it to go away soon! In the meantime, not many artists will be shopping at Wilson Lighting.


Brian Wilson said...


I first wanted to thank you for bringing this to our attention. The advertising agency we work with usually does a terrific job with "tongue and cheek" ads, making a play on words. We often get compliments on our ads because they are a little different. In this case, I certainly do understand and appreciate your reaction to the wording. I will see that this ad does not run again. We do believe in wall art as we have a gallery in our showrooms dedicated to wall art and mirrors. We even feature work from local artists. I thank you for your past business and for sending patrons my way. I wish you and all the local artists much success.

Best regards,

Brian Wilson
Wilson Lighting

(239)592-6006 office
(239)513-2372 fax

Jo-Ann Sanborn said...

I have to say the ad did catch my attention, just not in the way you would wish! Glad it wasn't intentional and the end of wall art is nothing you're promoting!

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