Florida painter, Everglades, Marco Island, artist Jo-Ann Sanborn


Performance, Jo-Ann Sanborn
Acrylic on board, 5"x7"

As promised, here’s my first post on my intentions for 2011. I'll start with the studio, since what happens there should be every painter's priority, right after family and friends.  It's all about performance. 

Everyone needs a little tune-up now and then, and for me this list is a tool that I'll review quarterly to help me evaluate where I am and how I'm doing to complete my priorities.  As the year progresses I'll review my list quarterly to ensure my priorities have stayed the same and add or delete as circumstances change.

The Studio is already clean and orderly, my favorite way to start the new year.  Any paintings that have become a burden (artists will know exactly what I mean here) have been chucked out, and any that may have a future have been put in a "finish me" pile. 

 "Think about" or a question mark means I’m not quite ready to move ahead, the subject may require further thought or some research before making a decision. By keeping it on the list, I'll either do it or eventually drop it.  So here's my years start!

In the Studio

  • Work to complete two studio or plein air and three daily paintings each week. This can be modified by family
  • Complete 25 new paintings for upcoming show at Aura Gallery delivery Feb. 8th. (3/4ths complete)
  • Continue to improve technical skills by taking at least one workshop – scheduled
  • Look for the “wow” factor in each painting BEFORE framing
  • Read a how-to book quarterly
  • Improve drawing through small studies by accepting commission work that forces drawing – scheduled
  • Finish inventory of sold paintings or hire someone to do (leftover from last year!) Catalogue at least 1 letter group per month – if not started soon, look for assistant!
  • Spruce up Studio
    • New Year clean-out – do before Jan 1 – done!
    • Purchase two new chairs when funds allow
    • Think about adding a single serving coffee pot 
That's my list!  What's on yours? 

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