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Another Snowman, and reflection on "Intentions"

Snowman #5
acrylic on board, 7"x5"

Another snowman--I had such fun painting them!
Along with the holidays comes a lot of end of year work for me.  Alyson Stanfield, Art biz guru, taught me to reflect on what I've accomplished.  We tend to forget the positives and focus on the negatives, and looking at what you've accomplished is a great way to lift your spirits for the Holidays.  Not too much more will be completed before Christmas, so now is a good time to reflect on what's done. 

I'll show you what some of my personal goals were and what parts of them were accomplished.  It really helps me to have a list like this, although life is certainly much more fluid than any list.  The list is really meant for personal use, so it's a little confusing.  But with the list, it's a simple matter of turning something red when it's done.  When I have a little time a look at the list and it reminds me of what I had set as priorities.   

The "reds" are things I've worked on or done, the "blacks" are remaining to do.  I'm proud of what did get done, and the always present gaping lapses will be reevaluated for inclusion in 2012. 

What's your method for keeping yourself on track? 

“Intentions” 2011

In the Studio
     Work to complete two paintings a week in addition to three dailies
          not quite, but did better on the daily paintings
          Solo Show Feb - 25 new paintings completed
     Continue to improve technical skills
         Take at least one workshop – did Mitchell, February
          Look for the “wow” factor in each painting working on this!
          Learn more about color values and how value is affected by hue.
               Ongoing,read a couple more books,  I can never learn it all!
     Improve drawing through small studies
          Accept commission work that forces drawing – 1 complete
          Used sketchbook more often for preliminary drawings
     Finish inventorying paintings
          Catalogue at least 1 letter group per month or look for assistant! 
          (leftover - no progress again!
     Spruce up StudioRepainted, made shelves, purchased new chairs                             
     Improve collector relations
          Better recognition for multiple purchases
               Sent new book to collectors with 5 paintings or more
               Send post cards for solo show
           Develop testimonial page on website or blog?
               still thinking about this.  2012?
           Better gift and appreciation recognition
                 Gift of book to multiple purchasers
                Give post card to studio visitors
          Purchasers of Studio Paintings
               Sent a postcard  or small watercolor thank you
          Reach out to Everglades community
               Participated in Friends of the Fakahatchee Safari  - members
              Donated to two support groups
          Color Confidence – January
          Florida Landscape – Acrylic - March
          Make handouts consistent with beginning year format and info
          Added  “internet” homework assignments to expose students to wealth of info & ideas
        Think about adding a plein-air day class in the fall - didn't
Traditional Marketing –
         Update in January for year
          Improve consistency of marketing materials - better, can do better
         Postcards - done
         Rack cards done
        Advertise monthly with Artist Colony
          Advertise in Everglades Magazine – done, no date yet for printing
          Developed and print book - done
Internet Marketing
               Upgrade website to newer version of FASO
                Keep current!  Add new paintings and Events first of every month
                Change website to reflect my name for better recognition
               Improve blog consistency - Yikes, needs work!
                              Assign days for special topics? 
                              Mon-Everglades, Wed-my work, Friday–Arts Com?.
                              Go back to dailys with "buy now" button?
                    Sent email newsletter but not regularly
                    Think about breaking up newsletter and sending monthly again?         
               Improved Facebook Image
               Twitter – OK for now
               Added Google +

Arts Community
          Hold fun event quarterly for Colony - didn't, will work on this in 2012
          Marco Island Arts Advisory Committee – Arts Afire Awards Chairman
          Marco Island Art League
                 Teach 2x yearly
                Attend first Tuesdays - did when possible
                Show in member shows  - did whenever possible
                Support financially or other as possible  -
                    developed and chaired Luncheon for the Arts
          National and Florida National Association of Women Artists
                    Showed  once in each
          Florida Artist Group – show 1X, have to let membership drop, just can't do it all
           Support other artists by attending their shows when possible. 

As usual, life takes it's own path, and some things I intended didn't get done, and others took much more time or effort than I had though.  I experimented and became much more comfortable with glazing, and am pleased with the results of several new paintings.  I didn't foresee the Snowman Extravagamza but had a ball doing it and will most likely do it again.  All artists have to be prepared to follow where the paint takes you FIRST! 

 All in all, I've made some progress and am pleased with the year.  Later in the month I'll look ahead to the new year and make a new list of "intentions." to help guide me. 

If you'd like to know more about some things to grow your art business, check out Alyson's book on the right hand side of the  blog page.  It's a great way to start the new year.  You can put it on your Christmas list, or just  give yourself a present.  She;s giving some free gifts along with it, too! 

This works for non-artists, too.  Think about the various aspects of your life and how you'd like to improve over the next year.  It's hard to get ahead when you don't know where you're going, and a list of intentions can help lead the way. 

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