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One more Snowman, a Winner and a Store

Snowman  #9
acrylic on board, 5"x7"

Hope you're enjoying this seasonal snowmen sampling! I promise to get back to the Everglades landscape soon. If you were not able to aquire one my painted snowmen this year, don't worry.  I'm already thinking about making the Snowman Extravaganza an annual event.  You can see the 2011 Snowmen here

If you are in the frozen North land during a good snowstorm this year, please send me a photo of the snowman you or your family make as inspiration for next years group! 

Congratulations to the winners of the Fall Painting Give-Away!
Shown here with their choice, "Catching the Light"

Three times a year I give away a daily painting to people who receive my newsletter.   I'll ask someone for a number from one to 600.  I'll write it down, and then look up who's name is next to that number on my email list.  They win!  The numbers change as people subscribe or unsubscribe, so I have no way of knowing who's name is even close to the selected number.  I was delighted to see that people dear to my heart won this month! 

You can be eligible by signing up for my newsletter, and once you are signed up you will be included in every drawing for as long as you receive the newsletter. 

I'm trying something new.  Promoting Sue Smith's book made me think that you might like some other things I like, so I've started an Amazon store. 

Featured are things I like and use, books I've found especially useful, as well as some things you might like as gifts for artists or people who like art.  I'll see where this goes and will change it out seasonally.  In any case, if you like shopping at Amazon, look for MY AMAZON STORE it on the right sidebar of my blog.

1 comment:

Judie said...

Well, I was disappointed that I didn't win "Catching the Light" but I will keep hoping! Thanks for the nice comment on my post. I'm jumping over to Amazon, now!!

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